About Bertone

Bertone Development Corporation is a vertically integrated, privately owned, real estate investment and development firm that specializes in the planning, design, development, construction, and management of unique places.

It all began in 2009 when co-founders Michael and Claudio Bertone wanted to break away from conventional real estate development. They started focusing their efforts on creating memorable places in major markets across Canada, where people could gather and experience a sense of community

What We Do

For Bertone, developing a project is more than bricks and mortar. We are place makers, dedicated to creating memorable places that people respond to and want to return to.  We are committed to creating experiences and emotions that connect people with those places. Our projects are unique, go-to destinations, pulsing with life. They are the result of a carefully choreographed mix of public spaces, shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, office spaces, housing, and lodging.

Our Passion

To create places where people can be entertained and interact with their community. Places that are inspired by people’s desires and expectations. Our goal is to create an authentic urban experience.

We shape the urban landscape in line with the evolution of city life. Inspired by local communities and the surrounding environments, we respect each site’s heritage and build places that strive to transform environments into go-to destinations, while catering to the local population’s needs.

Who We are

Bertone’s development team is propelled by the passion of our leadership team. Our leaders have extensive professional experience in real estate development and business, administration and senior project management—a like-minded cohesive group that oversees and directs all Bertone’s projects. Collectively, Bertone’s leadership team is a group of solution-makers who work together to implement big ideas.

Bertone’s development talent is passionate about what they do, working to bring together a diversity of cultural backgrounds and ideas to continually develop Bertone’s placemaking capabilities.

Our philosophy is to align ourselves with best-in-class partners for each development project. Our partnerships with leading architects, designers, urban planners, marketing, branding and public relations managers, leasing professionals, and investors are key to the ongoing success and development of our existing projects and future acquisitions.